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Online Tutoring to the Rescue*

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When you have a kid that struggles in school, their struggle becomes your struggle. I am very open about the fact that school is not easy for my 9 year old. I have to check in with his teacher all the time, he zones out when school work gets too hard and homework can often be a very long tear-filled experience. We are currently in the midst of long division, a time consuming process that requires a lot of patience from both of us, and we are taking it one victory at a time.


With that said, I am constantly looking for ways to better support him in school and provide him with the extra help he needs. And tutoring outside of school is definitely something he needs. I used to tutor kids before I became a mom and I thought I would be just as patient and helpful with my own kids. Well, I am sure that most of you have guessed from your own experiences that is just not the case. I know when to admit that I need help and I am all about finding easy ways to to fulfill the things that my family needs. I researched a few options that shall remain nameless and my goodness...those programs cost an arm and a leg and require me to squeeze yet another car trip into my life as a taxi for my kids. No thank you! So when I found out about I was definitely happy to give it a try.

This online tutoring service offers tutoring in Math and English for all grade levels. These are the two most tested areas and while I am not a fan of all the testing they do in schools, it is a reality for my kid and he needs all the support he can get. So, I signed us up for the free 30 day trial to give it a try. The site gave us access to so many different ways to learn. We could start with a full assessment in Math and English or pick specific lessons aligned with what he is working on in school. We started with the full assessment and the moment he was done I was provided with a full report that included a study plan with follow up lessons. The lessons were easy to follow and they even have audio options for the questions. There are video tutoring sessions that provide my kid with all the information he needs to learn the new skills and give me a much needed refresher course. Once he got the hang of it, it was really easy for him to have a self guided experience without me being the annoying helicopter mom. It's easy to log out when he gets too frustrated and log back in later and pick up right where he left off. I even heard him cheer himself on a few times which is a huge accomplishment in this house. It was definitely a win-win for both of us.

The great thing is that it's not just for kids that need to catch up but also for kids that want to get ahead or just need a little extra studying for a test. It's as close to having an in person tutor as you can get. There are so many options that make it easy for the site to adapt to the needs of you and your kid. Parents can easily track their kids progress and even learn a thing or two themselves. We will definitely continue to use the site because this momma can use all the help I can get.


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