My Life Is A Beach

Ode to Technology

Elisha BeachComment

Oh technology, what can I say to thee

Without you, I have no idea what would transpire

From my iphone to computer to smart tv

Thanks to you, I can be the mom my family requires


Technology who art so relaxing

When you are on there is not a sound

You make it so my kids aren't so taxing

What would I do without you around?


You mesmerize them with your power  

And give me the break that I need

Just so I can make dinner in an hour

Or simply pee without having to breastfeed


When there are piles of laundry, dishes and things to clean

You are what I turn to so I can avoid the mess

I sit on my throne by the tv pretending to be a queen

And for the moment, it all seems to matter less


Playdates, school activities and doctor appointments abound

I am suffering from mom brain and I find it hard to cope

Then the lists, emails and phone calls that constantly hound

Without my iphone, there wouldn’t be an ounce of hope


I am in need of more adult conversations

So I look to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon to be my sitter

I don’t care if people make their insinuations

I needed that 20 mins on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


At night, we share tears and laughter

Plus you respond to my every touch

And I often get a special package days after

Although, I don’t think my husband likes that so much


Do not listen to the naysayers that condemn you

They know not what they say

For they will realize the hate that they spew

Will come and bite them in the ass one day


Oh technology, be with me forever

I will admit that too much of anything just won’t do

But you are often the thing that holds my sanity together

And for that, I will never bid you adieu



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