My Life Is A Beach

Ivonne Carvajal

Elisha BeachComment

Ivonne Carvajal is a mom and a photographer that has photographed families for about the last 5 years and she has fallen in love with the idea of capturing the daily lives of mothers and their children. She explains, "Essentially, I am seeking to create a photo essay about the amazing world of mothers in their complex roles as women, creatives, professionals, caretakers and lovers."

I haven't had the opportunity to personally meet Ivonne, however, I was touched by her work from the moment I saw it. As a mom, I find that I am so often not in the picture and the daily moments I have with my family are so rarely captured. This time in our lives goes by so quickly and so seeing the sweet moments Ivonne captures literally brings tears to my eyes.

Ivonne's images are the epitome of the saying, "These are the moments..."

Ivonne is passionate about the idea of these photo essays helping to build a community of inspired women that can inspire each other. If you want to see more of her work or are interested in her being a fly on your wall you can visit or follow her on Instagram.