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Mia Redrick

Elisha BeachComment

Today's mom crush is Mia Redrick also known as The Mom Strategist™. Yes, you read that right... The Mom Strategist™ or as I affectionately call her... my secret weapon. She can show you how to rock motherhood and still manage to go after your personal goals and take care of yourself. What?!?!? I am not saying it's easy but she has shown me it is definitely possible and I owe much of this last year of my own success to her expertise.

Mia is a best selling author... 

A TV personality that has appeared on The Ricki Lake Show and as a segment host for America Now with Leeza Gibbons and Bill Ransick...

And nationally recognized life coach that offers a multitude of programs to help moms "Rock Motherhood" including The Core Moms Accountability Network for busy entreprenuers, The Mom's Academy to teach moms ways to self care, and Time for Mom-Me® groups to help moms build networks. And that's just a few of the programs she offers on

And did I also mention she is a triathlete, wife and mom to three outstanding kids.

I have never met a woman that rocks motherhood like Mia does so she is not only my mom crush but my mom hero or should I say shero!

You can like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter. And if you live in the LA Area you are lucky to have the opportunity to meet her and experience some of her magic in a group coaching session Thursday May 5, 7-10pm or Friday May 6, 10am - 1pm at The Westin Los Angeles Airport. Visit to sign up and I hope I will see you there!