My Life Is A Beach

Tammy Talbot

Elisha Beach1 Comment

This week's Mom Crush is Tammy Talbot. She is a talented hair stylist, owner of Crowning Glory Hair Studio in Burbank, CA and the most rocking momma I have ever met.

I was introduced to Tammy when I was pregnant with my first kid and in search of a new hair dresser. She was pregnant too, due 2 weeks after me and there was an instant connection. Our sons were born just 11 days apart and delivered by the same doctor. She has cared for my tresses with her talented hands throughout all my years as a mom. 

Tammy is the hottest rocker momma I have ever met that has lived quite the storied life. I am trying to convince her to write a book about her crazy, awesome life of love, music and hair but in her current chapter of motherhood, she is the most dedicated mom to one amazing little 5 year old boy. 

Tammy leads an amazing group of hair stylist at Crowning Glory Hair Studio that will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks. Make an appointment with her today and I guarantee you will be hooked. Stop by Crowning Glory at 3320 W Magnolia, Burbank, CA 91505 or give her a call at 818.567.4247.