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Elisha Wilson Beach

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I am a birth mom to 3 kids, adoptive mom to 1 kid, and a stepmom to 4 step-kids. Yes, you read that right... 8 kids. I am wife of actor Michael Beach, home cook, taxi driver, herder of children, terrible housekeeper and blogger of mom truth. I pride myself on being honest about the messiness of motherhood. 

My truth telling sent the internet into a frenzy when I posted a photo of myself breastfeeding on a toilet and my blog launched as a result of all the uproar.

Everybody complains that social media is full of people pretending to live picture perfect lives and I see so many mothers doubting themselves based on those photos. Well, this is reality and so many mothers are doing this exact thing right now. Motherhood ain't pretty but then that's what makes it so beautiful. 

I continue to over share on my blog My Life Is A Beach to let other moms know they are not alone and help more moms become confident in motherhood. 

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