I am a birth mom to 3 kids, adoptive mom to 1 kid, and a stepmom to 4 step-"adults." Yes, you read that right... 8 kids. I am wife of actor Michael Beach, home cook, taxi driver, herder of children, terrible housekeeper and blogger of mom truth.

The Thing I Hate Most About Working Out

The Thing I Hate Most About Working Out

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If you follow me at all you know that I am not the biggest fan of working out. Even though I feel great afterwards, I dread every moment leading up to it. Being a former dancer, I never really had to “work out” because it was pretty much an embed part of my life. But since retiring and having kids, it’s something I have had to make time for in my day-to-day life. And let me tell you, trying to find time to workout with 4 kids, a traveling husband and a small business on the side is next to impossible but it needs to get done to keep me feeling good and looking good. Whether I do it at home or actually make it to the gym, it takes a series of coordinated decisions and sometimes a dash of luck to fit a work out into my day. In other words, it’s a big pain in my butt.

So you can imagine I have been dragging my feet getting back to working out regularly since having my last baby 7 months ago. I really need to get back on my fitness regime not only to get rid of the pregnancy weight but to also help with my back and knee problems. I admit that I have had a few false starts and “started my diet” about 10 Mondays in a row. However, I have been getting up and getting dressed in my workout clothes so I can be ready to work out and there is one less excuse in my way. But do you know what I actually hate more than the workout…The workout gear.

Having a postpartum body with an extra 25 pounds and lactating boobs makes wearing workout gear annoying and uncomfortable. Every time I bend over, my baby pouch pops right out and my work out pants bunch up right under my pouch announcing its presence to the world. On top of that, I am breastfeeding and I need access to my boobs. Have you ever tried to pull a boob out of a good sports bra. Yep… its darn near impossible.

I am busy mom and I need my workout clothes to fit me and my on-the-go lifestyle. I would like to be able to make it through my day without pulling, pushing and adjusting my clothing every 10 minutes. Today’s workout clothes have special material to wick away moisture and keep your body cool all while preventing sweat stains. So why on earth can’t workout pants manage to stay above my mom belly? And why aren’t there good sports bras designed for breastfeeding moms? I mean really. And I wouldn’t mind feeling a little cute too. I know I can’t be alone in this, right mommas?!?!

Well ladies, we are not alone. Laura Berens, owner of Love & Fit, wellness coach, entrepreneur and fellow mom encountered these same problems when she was ready to get back in shape after having her first baby and she has decided to do something about it. She is launching an active wear line that caters to the needs of pregnant and postpartum moms making it easier for us to get back in shape and all I can say is THANK YOU!!! Laura has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds to bring the Fit Mama Nursing Sports Bra and the Pre2Post Capri Legging to you. Make a pledge now and you can actually be rewarded these amazing products at 25% off the retail value.

The Fit Mama Nursing Sports Bra has is made with soft performance fabric with mid-high impact support and a dual panel drop down. And that means you can comfortably wear this bra throughout your day and manage to breastfed your child without having to wrestle with your baby or your boob. 

The Pre2Post Capri Legging can be worn before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after. They are made with a soft, plush fabric that is non see-through (Hallelujah!), are high waisted so you can tuck that belly in and the waist has a silicone ribbed design to keep you from having to constantly tug them back in place.

Laura Berens...Kudos to you...Pure brilliance!!! Why has this not been done before??? Doesn't matter because here it is now. Check it out...Make a pledge...Get your Fit Mama Nursing Bra and Pre2Post Capri Leggings today!


I Am Not My Step-Kids’ Mom

I Am Not My Step-Kids’ Mom