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Cooking is a BeachElisha Beach1 Comment

The thing about kids is that they usually have to eat at least 3 meals a day and more often than not 2-3 snacks in between. It seems to me that as soon as my kids finish one meal, they are already asking for the next thing to eat. Can I have a bowl of cereal...Will you pop some popcorn...Is there any yogurt...Mom, I can't find the crackers??? 

Essentially, all of this boils down to me spending a huge portion of my day in the kitchen prepping, cooking and then cleaning... Okay, Okay... My husband won't let me get away with that one because he swears I only participate in making the kitchen look like a disaster zone. Nevertheless, maybe because I don't do the cleaning, I actually enjoy cooking and would even consider it a bit of a hobby. But for many of you, that is just not the case.

Well, I want to help make cooking a more enjoyable experience by providing real life cooking tips, easy recipes, and practical ways to help your kitchen work for you. So, with that said, I am launching my new vlog... Cooking is a Beach! Leave a comment below telling me what cooking things you want to know about or what you think of the vlog.