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Amazon Prime

Elisha BeachComment

I don't remember when I found out about Amazon Prime but the day I did was a glorious day! With all the worries that come with having kids, buying diapers and wipes was never on my mind. I haven't bought a box of diapers or a single wipe at a store. Instead they magically arrive monthly at my door step just in the nick of time. 

Anything that can help me avoid adding another errand to my list is a great thing in my life. Out of cleaning supplies...done. One of my kids needs more school supplies...done. Birthday present...done. Christmas shopping...done!!! And even the occasional treat for myself. Not to mention there is always 2-day free shipping on all Prime items. Now, if only I could ship off my laundry to them with just the swipe of my finger.

Not to mention that a membership to Amazon Prime also includes access to Amazon Video. That makes Friday Movie Night a breeze in this house because there is access to so many free options and the ability to rent or buy tons of new releases.

You will never see me push anything that I don't use myself. I seriously cannot sing enough praises about Amazon Prime. So click the image for more information and to get a free 30-day trial membership and I promise you won't regret it one bit.

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