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Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Elisha BeachComment

This past month has been a flu nightmare in this house. Between myself and the kids, someone has had a fever almost every day and I am sick and tired of everyone being sick and tired. I was at my kid's pediatrician's office at least once a week and then 3 times this past week. And every time I went to the pediatrician's office the first thing they asked me was what was my kid's temperature. Now how many times have you been asked that by your kid's doctor and you look at them with a blank face...because through all the fever medicine, staying up most of the night and forcing cold baths on my kids, the last thing I can remember is exactly what was their temperature.

Well this flu season, I actually did know the answer to that question because I had just purchased my Kinsa Smart Thermometer. This amazing thermometer connects to your smart phone and allows you to track not only your kid's temperature but also symptoms and you can add notes or photos or necessary. It also allows you to take a temperature orally, rectally or under their arm.

My reaction to the Kinsa Smart Thermometer... "What?!?!? Take my money!" (just kidding...but not really). It was worth the buy and you should definitely get one for your household so you don't have to give your pediatrician that blank look ever again.

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