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Wrapping Paper

Elisha Beach1 Comment

When my kids started going to school, the number of birthday party invites we started getting was off the charts. Some weekends, I feel like I am just carting my kids from party to party. When I actually remember to buy a gift for the birthday kid, I can never find the darn wrapping paper that I know I bought to wrap the last gift because it is most likely buried deep in the garage or closet. What I can always find is a brown paper bag. Yep... a brown paper bag can make the perfect wrapping paper for any occasion.

Cut down the side of the paper bag and through the bottom. Then cut through the corners so that the bag lays flat with the design side facing up. Wrap your gift so that the blank side of the bag is showing when you are done. Hand your kid(s) some marker and let them go at it. Your kid(s) gets an art project and the result is a more personalized gift that stands out in a sea of gifts. It's a win-win and you look like one kick-ass Momma.